We recommend anyone new choose a weekend with nice weather for your initial visit and contact the office before your arrival.    Some of the current members will be happy to show you around the facilities, if you like.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Q: Is it hard to be nude in front of other people?
  • A: Not Really. Nudity is like a going into a pool of cool water. Just jump in! When you arrive, undress at your car, grab your towel and go. Within thirty minutes you'll be comfortable and at ease. Do not wrap up in your towel, then you are not nude. The towel is to sit on.
  • Q: I'm a man and I'm afraid I'll become aroused. Is that true?
  • A: That rarely happens. This is not a sexual situation and there-by you probably won't react as if it was. Nudism is a natural and peaceful lifestyle. I think you'll be fine!
  • Q: I have a camper and need a site with water and electricity. Do I need a reservation?
  • A: Most weekends we have available space, however, to be sure, please phone the office. The number is on the lower part of the home page.
  • Q: I'd like to stay in one of your motel rooms. What are they like?
  • A: Our motel rooms are fairly basic with a double bed, small refrigerator, overhead fan, TV and clock/radio. There are bathrooms in the same building, but not in the room. There are showers nearby. The rooms are convenient to the swimming, volleyball, and clubhouse facilities. You will probably need to call the office ahead of time to make reservations, as we only have three rooms and they go fast. Otherwise you could take advantage of our tent camping. There are motels in nearby towns like Geneseo, Illinois. Also the quad Cities is only about 35 miles away. The Isle of Capris has a nice, new hotel near their riverboat casino in Bettendorf, Iowa [part of the Quad Cities].
  • Q: Must I be nude all the time?
  • A: Unlike some parks, we are not clothing optional. So, visitors and members are expected to be nude while staying at our park. There are certain exceptions noted in our rates & rules page. The nudity rule [which is pretty much all the time] goes for everyone in your party, mom, dad, and all the kids. If one person in you group does not want to be nude, you will all have to leave the park and maybe try again another day. We are very proud of being a "family" park, not a peep show.
  • Q: Do you permit alcoholic beverages?
  • A: Yes, campers [over 21] may consume adult beverages on the park grounds except in the clubhouse, the swimming area and beach, and the volleyball courts. Moderation is advised as this is a family oriented resort.
  • Q: Do you permit unmarried male-female couples to join the park?
  • A: Yes. Both must be single, but they may join as a couple as long as they attend our park together.
  • Q: What do I do when it's that time of month?
  • A: There are several ways to handle this. Some of us that use tampons would either cut the string on the tampon or stuff the cord inside so the cord isn't visible. Those using pads would wear shorts or swim suit bottoms during those days. Most women prefer the first option.
  • Q: I'm worried about germs and diseases I might catch from sitting where others have sat?
  • A: This is a common concern people have about this lifestyle. All nudists carry a towel with them and when they sit they put the towel down on the seat before they sit.
  • Q: We usually camp as a family. What about bringing children to a nudist club?
  • A: It is understandable that you ask this question. Blue Lake is a family park. Your children are as safe here as they are in your home. Our membership age runs from infant to retiree. As for the child's acceptance of being nude? Children adjust fairly quickly after getting undressed. Of course their ease with being nude is directly affected by their parents attitude and conduct as you enjoy the nudist experience.